New EPA Ruling Revises Refrigerant Regulations

Ruling will impact the entire HVACR industry On October 1, 2018 the EPA issued a new ruling that will revise refrigerant regulations again, impacting the entire HVACR industry. The current regulations (November 2016) were the result of two years of industry engagement...

It’s On My Heart: That Time of Year

by Jim Hinshaw I travel the nation, California to the East Coast. Talk to contractors all sizes and shapes. Just had a great conversation with a client who had a great summer, hit new highs for sales and profits, made it happen. Turns out the summer was long, and...

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Mitsubishi Electric Trane US in Dallas

Mitsubishi Electric Trane US in Dallas

METUS Quality and Technical Operations, which includes the entire Technical Services Team, had their annual Services team Meeting in Dallas. TX the week of September 24-28. The teams discussed many items which can and will improve their customer support to their...