Airzone will present its range of products for integration and zoning of VRF and Inverter units at booth #C6917 Central Hall, at AHR Expo 2022, in Las Vegas from January 31 until February 2. Among the products presented by the brand is Aidoo Pro, a Wi-Fi integration device that controls Inverter equipment which is also compatible with 3rd party smart thermostats such as Nest, Ecobee and Honeywell, while maintaining the original manufacturer functions of the Inverter system intact. This is thanks to the direct manufacturer protocols used in the development of Aidoo Pro. In addition, Airzone will be also exhibiting solutions for zoning VRF units, which provide comfort in all rooms and reduce energy consumption significantly. The Airzone Sales Managers will be providing further information on the opportunities the company is currently offering in North America to the professionals. Visit company website at: The media can also RSVP to meet the Airzone Team at the press conference the company is holding at Press Office N245 at 3PM on Tuesday, February 1. The focus of the conference will be The importance of control and zoning in the growing Inverter/VRF market in North America: HVAC trends in efficiency, sustainability, wellness and how these will mark the future of our sector. Additionally, Airzone will also present Humans of HVAC, a non-profit project by the company where you meet the people behind the machines. HOH portrays the genuine stories of HVAC workers from around the world, giving voice and a platform to all profiles in the sector to create solidarity and appreciation. About Airzone Airzone is an industry leader in integrated HVAC control and zoning solutions with high-quality products. With our US office in the heart of downtown Miami and production facilities and headquarters in Spain, Europe we manage and improve the energy efficiency in applications of various heating and cooling equipment, both in commercial and residential buildings. Established in 1997, our multi-national is dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of solutions compatible with the latest BMS/HA technologies. Our innovative products have taken a key position in the niche Inverter/VRF market globally. As our future vision is set on expanding our global network and sales channels, our goal is to create environments where people are assisted by technology for their well-being and towards a sustainable future. “There is a better way with Airzone”.