Posted By Kelsey Copeland, PHCC Texas
PHCC Texas is thrilled to announce the outstanding recipients of this year’s Awards of Excellence program. These remarkable individuals and companies have made substantial contributions to both our industry and our association, showcasing their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Excellence in Administration and Operations – Allie Perez, George Plumbing:

Allie Perez, Office Manager at George Plumbing, is the deserving winner of the Excellence in Administration and Operations Award. Her exceptional efforts have transformed her company’s administrative practices, embracing technology to enhance invoicing, inventory management, and customer service. Her dedication to improving operations and her active involvement in the local chapter, PHCC San Antonio, make her an invaluable asset to the industry.

Excellence in Workforce Development – ClearWater Plumbers:
ClearWater Plumbers stands as a beacon of excellence in workforce development. Their pioneering in-house training program, ClearWater University, in collaboration with Interplay Learning, sets the gold standard for hands-on technical skill development. By offering a comprehensive learning environment, they are equipping apprentices to become not only exceptional apprentices but also highly skilled licensed plumbers, positively impacting their community and beyond.

Excellence in Advocacy – Doug Turner, Doug Turner Plumbing:
Doug Turner of Doug Turner Plumbing is celebrated for his unwavering commitment to advocacy on both state and federal levels. With years of experience in the industry, he passionately champions the interests of PHCC Texas and PHCC National. His active engagement, from the National PHCC Legislative Conference to his role as National Zone Director, exemplifies his dedication to advocating for our industry’s vitality.

Excellence in Industry Leadership – Sherill Stanush, S & S Plumbing:
Sherill Stanush of S & S Plumbing stands as a true industry leader. Her remarkable leadership as the first female chapter president of PHCC San Antonio and her involvement in various local and state committees showcase her dedication. Her fair and considerate leadership style, combined with her active participation in industry initiatives, make her an exceptional role model for our community.

Contractor of the Year – Live Oak Plumbing:
Live Oak Plumbing earns the prestigious title of Contractor of the Year for their remarkable achievements. In just their second year of operations, they have demonstrated all-around excellence in performance. From impressive revenue figures and employee growth to professional education initiatives and specialty certifications, Live Oak Plumbing’s commitment to professionalism and quality has set them apart as a shining example in the industry.

Join us in extending our warmest congratulations to these outstanding individuals and companies for their exceptional achievements. Their dedication and contributions inspire us all to strive for excellence and continue pushing the boundaries of success.