The House Urban Affairs Committee voted to adopt HB 871, TACCA’s bill to remove municipal registration fees charged to HVAC/R contractors. This is an exciting first step in getting this bill passed this session.


Thank you to all members who signed in support of the bill, or made phone calls to members of the Urban Affairs Committee asking them to vote for HB 871. Your efforts made a difference in how the vote went today!


We still have a ways to go, but it is encouraging that these legislators voted in favor of the bill and will hopefully vote for this bill when it reaches the House floor.


If you contacted a member(s) of the committee who voted in favor of the bill, please take a moment to send an email of appreciation:

Rep. Philip Cortez –

Rep. Justin Holland –

Rep. Diego Bernal –

Rep. Liz Campos –

Rep. Jarvis Johnson –

Rep. Bryan Slaton –


(Reps. Gates and Minjarez were absent for the vote and Rep. Morales Shaw voted against.)


A very simple “Thank you for voting in support of HB 871. It means a lot to the Texas HVAC community.”


Thank you again for helping pass this first hurdle to eliminating municipal registration fees!