A letter from Arzel’s new VP of Technical Sales
Growing up in the trades, primarily in the HVAC industry, Arzel became the sole and only zoning solution
that I offered to my customers. Their products were dependable, innovative and really stood the test of
time, never making me look bad or disappointing. When it came to Arzel’s core values and how they
supported their customers was simply like no other I had ever seen in the industry.
It’s hard to believe I started my career with Arzel back in 2008 answering calls in the Technical Support
Department, eventually moving on to Technical Services Manager and with less than a month to go until
my 12-year anniversary, it is with great honor and gratitude to announce that I am stepping into my new
role as VP of Technical Sales working directly with technical support, engineering, sales and the
marketing departments.
It is my goal to bring a new energy and life into the company, continue building our legacy of developing
new innovative products with the highest level of quality and support that our customers have become
accustomed to. I am surrounded by an amazing team, that I have a tremendous amount of respect for
and I’m confident we will make this a huge success for everyone.
I’m eager to take my passion and enthusiasm to make a positive contribution to the entire Arzel Team,
both internally and externally. I hope to further develop, all of the amazing relationships that I’ve had
the pleasure of making over these past 12 years with all of you and growing many more new ones as
Ken Barton
VP of Technical Sales