LG Air Conditioning Technologies, a division of LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc., has teamed with leading family-owned HVAC distributor Barsco, Inc., to bring a full range of ducted and duct-free solutions to the Texas market.

Jason Clauson, regional sales manager at LG, noted that the company was tracking an increase in residential duct-free sales—particularly in multi-zone and single zone systems in both cassette and wall mount applications. This can be attributed to LG’s duct-free offering, appealing installation, and life cycle costs. With the utilization of predictive analytics and smart technology, zoned comfort control is now available to even more households throughout the state as summer quickly approaches. LG was keen to work with select contractors to help them realize the value of duct-free HVAC, provide training and further grow the duct-free segment.

Looking to expand its portfolio of best-in-class offerings, Barsco set its sights on LG’s expansive range of duct-free offerings, including the award-winning Art Cool™ lineup, powerful Multi F series, and wall-mounted, cassette, and unique gallery units. With a smaller footprint and less noise than traditional systems, LG duct-free HVAC solutions are cost and energy efficient, making them an attractive option for a variety of applications.

“Barsco has been partnering with the best known and most respected brands in the business for decades, so it was a natural fit to collaborate with LG for both ducted and duct-free HVAC equipment,” said David Smith, vice president of operations, Barsco, Inc. “Working through Hugh M. Cunningham Companies as our local representative, we became part of the LG team in December and are a fully stocked distributor, with product available in all locations.”

Wendy Daray, HVAC group manager at Hugh M. Cunningham Companies, added, “Being a family owned company with 86 years of industry experience speaks volumes to Barsco’s organization and dedication to their customers, and we look forward to expanding their footprint and product offering with LG’s award-winning HVAC portfolio.”

Barsco has been a Texas-based distributor of HVAC equipment since 1934, with thirteen locations throughout North, East and Central Texas. LG Air Conditioning Technologies is a global leading provider of innovative residential, light commercial, and commercial HVAC solutions.