Be Ready to Service A2L Refrigerants


BLOOMINGTON, MN – Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc., the leader in service tools for HVAC/R professionals and manufacturer of YELLOW JACKET® products, is proud to introduce new A2L Manifolds.


The YELLOW JACKET® A2L Test & Charging Manifolds for use with R-32/454B/410A refrigerants are available in popular Series 41, TITAN® and BRUTE II® Manifolds. They are lightweight for handling ease with the durability and reliability required for repeated, rugged use. Sold as manifold only or with a 3-pack of YELLOW JACKET® PLUS II 1/4″ Hoses 60″. The BRUTE II Manifold ships standard with protective gauge boots or they may be ordered separately.


YELLOW JACKET® offers a wide range of A2L Compatible HVAC/R Service Tools…from recovery machines, vacuum pumps, P51-870 Digital Manifold, YJACK® Wireless Probes, leak detector, refrigerant charging scale, to a large variety of manifolds.

For more information, visit https://yellowjacket.com/product/a2l-compatible-service-tools/.



The YELLOW JACKET® brand name is synonymous with the highest quality and most complete line of HVAC/R tools in the industry. The brand’s roots go back to 1946 when Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc., a manufacturers’ representative organization, became a hose manufacturer. With an emphasis on quality and service, Ritchie Engineering, based in Bloomington, Minnesota, trademarked the hose as the YELLOW JACKET® Charging Hose in 1950. Since then, the company has been engineering, manufacturing, and continuously improving the YELLOW JACKET® hose while adding new products to its portfolio. Today, YELLOW JACKET® products are sold worldwide through a network of authorized HVAC&R and automotive wholesalers. For more information, please call (952) 943-1333 or visit our website at www.yellowjacket.com.