Quickly Detect Gas Leaks in Hard-to-Reach Places.


BLOOMINGTON, MN (September 27th, 2023) – Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc., the leader in service tools for HVAC/R professionals and manufacturer of YELLOW JACKET® products, is proud to introduce the Combustible Gas Leak Detector.


The YELLOW JACKET® Combustible Gas Leak Detector P/N 69310 is the newest addition to our line of heating season test instruments. Combustible hydrocarbon gas (e.g. natural gases, LPG) measurements are digitally displayed in PPM, % Vol. and % LEL. With a rapid response time, the 69310 provides the ultimate detail for combustible gas leak detection. The user selected measurement is also displayed in a bar graph ranging from 0 to 100% of full scale. Includes a convenient auto-zero drift adjustment and audible and visual indication in case of alarm. The flexible 11” wand (for hard-to-reach leaks) has the gas sensor mounted at the end for detection of low concentrations of hydrocarbons in gas appliances and pipes. An essential tool, this Combustible Gas Leak Detector ensures the safety, efficiency, and proper operation of residential and light commercial heating appliances.


For more information, visit www.yellowjacket.com/product/combustible-gas-leak-detector/