More than 100 members, vendors, speakers and guests were welcomed and able to enjoy education and southern hospitality February 29-March 2 at the SWRA RSES Annual Conference in Round Rock, Texas.
An 8 hour educational seminar led by Cameron Taylor, CM on Thursday kicked off the conference activities. Followed by two days of educational sessions, meetings and activities.

Educational Sessions
March 1, 2019. Zoning 101” Tom Jackson – Jackson Systems; “CM Exam Prep Review” Cameron Taylor, CM – SWRA-RSES Educational Director. “Air Purification” Todd Montgomery – The Pollex Group.

March 2, 2019. “Brazing Fundamentals” Bob Cristan of Lucas-Milhaupt; “EPA 608 Revisions” Andy Schoen – Sanhua International; “Evacuation Basics and Tools” James Bowman-NAVAC.

James Poole, CM; Stanley Domel, CMS; Jim Malone, CMS; Dick Burks, CM; Larry Brewer, CM; Darwin Sharpe, CM;
L-R Back Row:
Mark Beiser, CM; Ron Solomon, CM; Cameron Taylor, CM; Wayne Young, CMS; Jerry Clark, CM; Jaroy Roberts, CM; Richard Bohnert, CM; Rick Aguirre, CM

International President Nick Reggi CMS presents an RSES Canada pin to honor Dick Burks CM for his dedication and support of RSES

Region 10 Director Jerry Clark CM presents a white hat to new past President Mark Ferguson CM

Sara Ortiz, Charter member of Cooling Heating Industry Leaders of Laredo the newest RSES chapter in Laredo, Texas 2018 with International President Nick Reggi, CMS

SWRA Auxiliary Officers for 2019 Michelle Poole President, Kathryn Clark Vice President Paige Clark Accepting for Pat McCarthy Treasurer, Brenda Decker Secretary, Jill Malone Sgt At Arms and Historian

SWRA Member of the Year awarded to Cameron Taylor, CM by Mark Beiser, CM

SWRA Officers Burt Wallace CMS President, Brian Rabel VP, James Bowman Secretary, John Muntean Treasurer, Sara Ortiz Sgt at Arms, Larry Brewer CM Ed Director, Intl President Nick Reggi CMS

SWRA Past President Mark Ferguson CM passes on the ceremonial SWRA gavel to incoming president Burt Wallace CMS as Dick Burks CM conference chair oversees