Multi Zone Mini Split System

MPA Ductless Heat Pump

The Lennox MPA Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump key features:

• Energy Efficiency: The MPA Mini-Split Heat Pump is ENERGY STAR approved, offering options available in Single Zones, and three of the four Multi-Zone products. ENERGY STAR certified units are designed to use less energy, help save money on utility bills and help protect the environment.

• Compatibility: The MPA Mini-Split Heat Pump will offer Single and Multi-Zone outdoor units with mounted, ceiling cassette, ducted and ceiling/floor unit options. The product can support up to 5 zones and the indoor units are compatible for both single- and multi-zone use.

• Convenience: During the installation process of the MPA Mini-Split Heat Pump consumers can rest easy as units shipped are completely factory assembled, internally piped and wired. The installers must set the outdoor units, hang indoor units, connect refrigerant lines, and make electrical connections to complete the job.

• Durability: A key feature for the new MPA Mini-Split Heat Pump is the cold climate operation. The product executes at 100% performance at freezing temperatures. It will support operation town to -13F (-25C). This capability to heat in low ambient outdoor temperature provides extra value to homeowners in cold climates.

• Reliability: Lennox produces products that are known to be the best in the business and the MPA Mini-Split Heat Pump is no exception. Lennox MPA Ductless Mini-Split Systems come with a 7 year warranty on compressors and a 5 year warranty on all other covered components.

Lennox Multi-Zone Mini-Split Ductless System

With efficiencies of up to 24.5 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) and 11.5 HSPF (Heating Season Performance Factor), the Lennox Mini-Split Ductless System operates using inverter technology, allowing for increased and decreased cooling and heating in small increments, which lowers energy costs. Because these systems can precisely match demand with output, they can operate with extreme energy efficiency and are ideal for multi-housing applications. A Lennox Mini-Split Ductless System can provide powerful heating and cooling for up to five individual areas of a home, without the need for ducts, providing users with a customized whole-home heating or cooling solution, with units controlled separately in each zone.

Benefits of the product include:
o More efficient cooling of targeted zones
o Ductless – minimizes energy losses
o Easy installation and maintenance
o Whisper-quiet levels of indoor operation