Vince Fuentez and Eric Griffin with Panasonic Heat and Air Group

The Glasfloss Team

Tom Jackson, Dan Phillips, Jarred Duebel and Ben Hardwick with IO HVAC Controls

The Yellow Jacket booth

The Pepco Sales Group at the ATCO mixer

The Nu-Calgon booth

Oz Zuberi, Fernando Santoyo and Danielle Howerton with the new PTAC Freshaire from Friedrich

Randy Nodarse and Maria Hernandez with E Air with Jeff Schlichenmeyer from Todays AC

Robin Armijo with McDaniel Metals

Scott Daniello, Phil Goulis, Patti Ellingson and William Deegan with Cooper Atkins

Southwest HVAC Reps wins rep of the year from Builders Best

Steve Wood with EWC Controls

Dustin Beard wtih Sauermann

Mitchell Enterprises with Andy Thiel from Milwaukee Tools

Michael Ficacci and Brad Morrow with Testo

Marcia Christenson and Karen Lamy DeSousa at the Women in HVACR booth

JT Heyden, Jemma Chu and Daniel Stanley at the ICool booth

Jill Flint with Veto Pro Pac

Jeff Edgar, Sean Ince and Tom Goss with Pro 1

David Isenbarger with the new ArmorPad from Rectorseal

Colleen Keyworth presenting on Web Marketing for WHVACR

Chip Kirkland, Nancy Harris, Julie Decker and Nick Lane with ATCO Rubber Products

Bill Holder with LG and the new Multi V

Benito Flores Meath, William Smith and John Walsh with Elite Softward

Adam Rittenhouse and Laurelyn Arriago with the Heyden Stanley Group at the Quietflex booth