Back row, from left: Bill Steel, 2019 AHRI Chairman; Sheila Hayter, P.E., 2018-19 ASHRAE President; Mark Stevens, Show Manager, AHR Expo; John Hazen White, Jr., Executive Chairman & CEO, Taco Comfort Solutions; Harold Arrowsmith, VP of Mechanical Industrial Sales, Anvil International; Jeff Shaffer, Gruvlok Product Manager, Anvil International; Mark Fisher, President, Dwyer Instruments, Inc.; Paul Selking, Business Leader, Regal®; Robert Moss, Director of Engineering, Dwyer Instruments, Inc.; Mead Rusert, President, Automated Logic Corporation; Dustin Eplee, Energy Wall, LLC; Ed McKiernan, President, Cold Chain, Electronics & Solutions, Emerson.

On January 14, AHRI received the ASHRAE Patron Investor Award during the ASHRAE Winter Conference in Atlanta. This award is presented to contributors that have provided over $50,000 in financial leadership to ASHRAE.