DALLAS — During the month known for love, BERKEYS® Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical is opening its heart to those in need. During February, Berkeys is launching its 1st Annual “Share The Love” charity campaign, culminating with a “winner” receiving a new American Standard Heating/Air-Conditioning System.

Dallas-Fort Worth residents are encouraged to visit www.berkeys.com/sharethelove/ and nominate a qualifying friend, family or neighbor. In March the winning recipient will receive the new HVAC system, complete with removal of old unit, installation and warranty.

Deadline for nominees is Feb. 28. Depending on the flow of submissions, Berkeys may choose to extend the deadline. Updates will be made via its Facebook page, and information will also be emailed to all those that submit a nomination.

“By nominating someone to receive this gift, it can change a person or family’s life by providing a comfortable living environment through something we all take for granted: air conditioning in the summer and heating in the cold weather,” says Berkeys’ President, Jamie Wooldridge. “When your air conditioning or heating isn’t working right, or not at all, life at home can be very unpleasant and even harmful to your health in high heat or super cold temperatures.”

The idea for “Share The Love” was born from the experience of Berkeys’ technician, Dustin Bryant, who years ago received help from a stranger when facing adversity.

“That person that helped Dustin told him, ‘One day you’ll be in a position to help someone else in a tough spot,” Wooldridge says. “Now, with help from our community and our partner, we’ll find that special someone and pay it forward.”

Berkeys, which recently received the Angie’s List “Super Service Award” for the seventh consecutive year, is proud to team with American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning for its “Share The Love” campaign.

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