At AHR 2018, Bosch Thermotechnology displayed for the first time its newest commercial boiler, the Buderus SSB Industrial Boiler.  The unit was front and center with its compact footprint (31.5″ X 36″ X 70″). The boilers are available in 798 MBH and 1024 MBH standalone units, or a 1024 cascading unit, designed to effortlessly cascade to meet demands up to 4096 MBH, making it an ideal solution for applications such as schools, hotels, office buildings and warehouses.

Buzz around the commercial boiler included:

  • All connections (exhuast, intake, supply, return and gas) on both sides of the unit
  • Up to 10:1 turndown and build-in redundancy
  • Accessible components with removable panels on all four sides
  • Easy installation due to compact size and minimal clearance
  • Communication with Modbus, BACnet and LonWorks protocols