Top performing heat pump capabilities deliver great SEER ratings for heating or cooling

SAN ANTONIO, Texas–It’s no secret that ductless systems have become increasingly popular in the U.S. in recent years for offering major advantages when it comes to conditioning air faster, maintaining more accurate temperatures and reducing energy costs.


While U.S. consumers are adopting ductless systems as effective cooling solutions, not as much attention has been paid to their heating capabilities. That’s changing rapidly as ductless system manufacturers like Friedrich, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of heating, cooling and other air conditioning products, unveil all season solutions that increase efficiency and offer optimal performance. Friedrich has just launched its new ENERGY STAR® 9,000 and 12,000 Btu models, capable of delivering 28.0 SEER/12.5 HSPF, with low ambient heat pump operation down to -13 degrees F, as part of the company’s J-Series ductless product line.

Thanks to its Precision Inverter System, Friedrich ductless units also operate very quietly. This system makes changes in 1Hz increments, allowing the unit to run at variable speeds while delivering the most precise heating-cooling capabilities to maintain constant, desired temperatures. Great design also is key. Friedrich designed its ductless systems to be as sleek, slim and unobtrusive as possible, while still delivering extreme efficiency.


A strong business opportunity


For contractors, being able to offer customers the latest in ductless solutions is a major opportunity to grow business. Many municipality and energy companies, especially in the northwest and along the upper east coast, are offering outstanding rebates for energy efficient products like these, making it more attractive and affordable than ever for customers to consider installing ductless systems.


Manufacturers like Friedrich also are making a commitment to increasing knowledge and training for the ductless category. Friedrich’s Advantage Program encourages top dealers to become part of a motivated team of industry professionals dedicated to the sale, installation and support of Friedrich ductless systems through product training, rewards and warranty benefits.


According to Wheeler, for contractors, that means there’s no better time to get into the ductless business.


“We’re seeing an increasing demand as customers realize the advantages ductless systems offer. That’s driving a huge need for knowledgeable, trained contractors who can provide them with great solutions and service,” said Wheeler.  “With more options, incentives and support available, it’s a great time to maximize the opportunity of the growing ductless market.”


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