Fujitsu’s new wi-fi module, among other products and technology, will be found at the upcoming AHR Expo

Fujitsu General America has introduced a new control for home/office climate from any location.  The company’s new wi-fi module allows monitoring and control of its Halcyon heating and cooling systems, and indoor conditions, using a smartphone or tablet.

With the new wi-fi module, key functions of the free FGLair app include on/off, operation mode, fan speed, louver position, set-temp, room/zone temperatures, weekly timer, minimum heat, energy savings program, error display, email notification of and child lock.

An installer setting allows contractors to perform the following functions without leaving the application:

Initiate test run
Service contact – allowing the customer to notify the service contractor if there’s an issue with the system
Function setting – an easy, intuitive interface permits a service contractor to enter function settings into the system by selecting the desired function, and setting value
The wi-fi module is compatible with most Halcyon split-system indoor units.