Premium Dye and Sealant for Leak Detection
WESTBURY, NY— Spectronics Corporation announces the upcoming release of GLO Seal™ – a
2-in-1 solution of OEM-Grade fluorescent dye and powerful sealant. As the inventors of fluorescent leak detection, Spectroline® is evolving their product line by manufacturing the brightest, high-quality
performance dyes available. By merging their premium dye with powerful AC&R system sealant, they are continuing their legacy of innovation.
With one quick installation, GLO Seal™ pinpoints the exact location of all leak and micro-leak areas. AC&R leaks from the inside will be sealed, and the maintenance of condensers, O-rings, and hoses will be sustained. GLO Seal™ is perfect for preventing further issues and ensuring all leaks will be found, making it a robust find-and-fix solution for AC&R systems. This 2-in-1 benefit can add years to older, out-of-warranty systems.
In terms of preventative maintenance, GLO Seal™ works 24/7 for continuous leak detection. GLO Seal™ is formulated with the new AR-GLO® 5 dye formula. AR-GLO® 5 fluoresces brighter, with a greater resistance to extreme temperatures and moisture. This results in GLO Seal™ having a longer shelf-life, while performing better under stressful conditions and with greater stability. It can remain safely in the system to stop and detect future corrosion by revealing new leaks.
GLO SEAL™ is fully compatible with all refrigerant types (including R-22, R-134A, and R-410A). It is engineered with a non-polymer, oil-soluble formula that’s safe for system components and recovery equipment and meets ASHRAE 97 standards for chemical stability without any damage to system channels. GLO Seal™ is the go-to product for 24/7 leak detection and HVAC preventative maintenance, helping the customer save time and increasing satisfaction.