WYLIE, TEXAS – Carlisle Hardcast LLC (Hardcast), a wholly owned
subsidiary of Carlisle Construction Materials LLC, announced Wednesday July 31 that it has acquired
the assets of Gripnail Corporation (Gripnail), creators of the original HVAC
mechanical insulation fastener and application equipment, based in East
Providence, RI. Gripnail manufactures fastening solutions for the HVAC industry,
specifically, mechanical and weld pin fasteners as well as equipment that attaches
duct liner to sheet metal air ducts. In addition, Gripnail manufactures metal tacks
to fasten light loads such as name tags and wiring harnesses to pumps, valves
and other types of machinery. The business acquired from Gripnail will become
part of Carlisle Hardcast, within the Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM) segment
of Carlisle Companies Incorporated.
Hardcast, based in Wylie, TX, is comprised of Hardcast Duct Sealants and
Insulation Adhesives, DynAir Duct Hardware and Accessories, and the Nexus 4-
Bolt Flange Closure System. As industry leaders in solutions for the HVAC air
distribution system, both companies represent a combined 107 years of
experience and focus on manufacturing excellence in the United States and
Chris Ryding, CEO of Gripnail Corporation said, “Becoming part of Hardcast and
Carlisle affords great opportunity for our employees, customers and for the HVAC
industry as a whole. We are all ready to make a bigger impact together.”
Sal Fasanella, General Manager of Hardcast said, “Gripnail joining Hardcast
represents many exciting opportunities to expand resources and broaden our
collective footprint in the air-distribution space. This acquisition fits with Hardcast’s
plans to provide more complete solutions and support for the HVAC sheet metal

About Carlisle Hardcast
Hardcast encompasses Hardcast Duct Sealants and Adhesives, DynAir Airflow
Hardware and Accessories, and the Nexus 4-Bolt Flange Closure System. As an
industry leader, Hardcast supplies superior products and engineered solutions to
ensure the sustainability of the HVAC system. Solutions include U.L. listing, U.L.
GREENGUARD Gold certification, True Zero VOC and 10 Year
Warranties. These products and solutions deliver maximum efficiency,
unparalleled quality, and excellent installed savings. To ensure these goals are
met, Hardcast provides thorough training and worldclass field support.