Vince SiFuentes – 30 Years, John Longobardi – 35 Years, Lonnie Hughes – 30 Years

Insco Distributing has always taken great pride in the tenure of our employees, recognizing how industry experience impacts the level of customer service & support we can offer. “Best Products, Best Service & Best People” has been our long-standing slogan and core belief. We truly feel that we have the best collective group of people in the industry. Their enthusiasm, passion and pride define Insco and who we are and strive to remain.
This was never more apparent than at our annual Service Awards luncheon held this December. Insco team members are honored on their work anniversaries in five-year increments. This year Insco was fortunate to be able to recognize 20 employees for 20 or more years of service and present them with a small token of our appreciation. Of the 20, 6 celebrated their 25th year, 2 were honored for 30 years at Insco, 1 for his 35 years & finally 2 gentlemen that have proudly served Insco for 40 years.
Insco is thankful for all our dedicated employees and looks to many more years and many more Service Award Luncheons.

40 Years-Stan Kubenka and Sergio Garcia

25 Years Alfonso Veliz, Jose Sanchez, Enrique Garcia, Mike Hernandez & Jose Frausto

20 Years Rene Garcia, Gary Braddock, Charles Haire, Jerry England & Chris Brasher

15 Years Joseph Brown

5 Years Aaron Moore, Karsten Wollmann, Bryan Craven, Xavier Gonzales, Jason Dobbs, Allen Figueroa & Jonathan Gilbert