Johnstone Supply, the exclusive nationwide Coleman Air Conditioning equipment distributor, hosted the 2018 Coleman Dealer Meeting/Sales Award Breakfast for San Antonio area Coleman dealers on Wednesday, November 14th at the DoubleTree Hotel.
Both dealers and suppliers enjoyed breakfast then presentations on equipment, training and tech support, and marketing, as well as, financing ideas and goals for the upcoming year.

Johnstone Supply and Coleman Air Conditioning Partners: Mike Wallace, Eric Rossnagel, Darryl Loggins, Greg Corley, David Pena, Frank Snyder, Jim Elkins and Ryan Godin at the Coleman Dealer Meeting.

Mike Wallace – Johnstone Supply Vice President
On the Coleman Mini-Bike, one of the prizes to be awarded to the first Coleman Dealer to reach the magic number.

Bev Kokos is pondering how much fun the Coleman Mini-Bike will be after he wins it.

Bev Kokos, Rafael Cardoza and Daniel Zamora along with Johnstone Supply
TSM Becky Garcia listen to a speaker during the meeting.

Is that “The Thinker”? No, it’s Ryan Godin, Johnstone Supply
Coleman Brand Manager trying the Coleman Mini-Bike on for size.

Mike Lopez and Adam Griswold greet each other during the networking session.

Ryan Godin, Coleman Brand Manager for Johnstone Supply opens the 2018
Coleman Dealer Meeting.

Mike Wallace, Johnstone Supply Vice President addresses the
attendees of the 2018 Coleman Dealer Meeting.

John Martinez and Ryan Godin at Coleman Dealer Meeting

Rafael Cardoza, Ryan Godin and Daniel Zamora at Coleman Dealer Meeting.

Ryan Godin presents award at the Coleman Dealer Meeting.

Johnstone Supply Marketing Manager David Pena addresses the meeting regarding
upcoming marketing promotions.