St. Louis, MO – Nu-Calgon has launched PowerZyme™, a new liquid enzyme-based drain line treatment for use in the HVAC and food service markets.  PowerZyme keeps drain lines flowing freely and addresses condensate and drain problems such as odors, grease, sugar snakes and more.


Easily dispensed from a flip-top spout, PowerZyme breaks up sludge organic matter and quickly eliminates odors in condensate pans and drain lines.  It easily pours through standing water and will safely protect systems from build-up for up to three months.


PowerZyme liquid is available in a 32 ounce quart, as well as an 8 ounce “job size” bottle.  PowerZyme Gel formulation is also available in a 32 ounce spray bottle.


For over 70 years, Nu-Calgon has been providing quality specialty products for the HVACR market.  The company’s complete line of products includes coil cleaners, descalers and refrigeration oils, as well as products for indoor air quality, water treatment, ice machine maintenance and other applications.