Arkema is one of the largest global refrigerants producers in the world and the only US based producer of R-32 HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) at its Calvert City, KY plant.    As the HVAC market searches for the follow-on refrigerant to R-410A, Arkema remains focused on developing low-GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant solutions to provide choices for the industry.  International agreements, such as the Kigali Amendment, will force the market to move away from R-410A by the mid- 2020s as it aims at a gradual reduction of the use of high GWP HFCs.  R-32 is one lower GWP (677) solution that can meet this challenge.


In the United States OEMs continue to consider the optimal choice for lower GWP options, with an eye toward regulations in California.  As an example recently, Daikin announced the adoption of R-32 in its key HVAC products for the North American market.

Arkema stands ready to supply the growing R-32 need in the coming years for OEMs that adopt this refrigerant as their lower GWP option.  This will require a higher level of safety and best practices as R-32 will be an A2L or mildly flammable refrigerant.  Arkema remains committed to working with customers and industry leaders, such as ACCA and AHRI, to put in place the required training and expertise to use this refrigerant safely.


These and other advances in refrigerant technology highlight Arkema’s continuing commitment to the development of safe, sustainable, and efficient refrigerant options for the future.  These efforts ultimately aim at providing the HVAC industry the flexibility and choices it needs to manage the transition to the next generation of HVAC products.


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Contributed by Scot Swan, Global Market Manager, AC & Refrigeration, Arkema Inc.