I love the thrill as my favorite team struggles to drive the ball toward their opponents’

goal line, my excitement growing the closer they get. But how disappointing if, with only

yards to go, my team fails to reach the end zone.

Like in football, HVAC contractors and wholesalers require a strategy and focus to

achieve success. With so many personalities, priorities, and moving parts, it can be

easy to lose sight of the goal line. This is why total customer satisfaction must be our

determination and mission.

With advertising channels becoming increasingly segmented and complicated, positive

reviews and new referrals are the tangible keys to success. So important are they that

all other company initiatives, programs, and even products offered should be vetted by

their effects on these two critical growth catalysts.

In speaking with reputable large-volume dealers across the country, a common theme

emerges: customer satisfaction. Attention to detail matters. Curb appeal is important.

Offering high-quality products that minimize non-billable revisits is fundamental for longterm success.

Line set protection has come a long way since the days of makeshift big-box store

downspouts. A galvanized steel channel may offer utility but often at the cost of visual

appeal. Any deviation from a straight up-and-in leaves the job lacking and the insulation

exposed–and let’s not mention the bees.

Plastic line set covers have been around for years with little improvement. Until now!

Cover Guard is your adjustable, adaptable solution to cover and protect line sets while

saving material and labor expense. The professional-grade base easily snaps closed,

even with the most uneven of surfaces. Small obstructions like gable bump-outs,

stucco bands, or even small pipes are covered in a snap with Cover Guard’s four-stage

adjustable clicks. Peel-and-go film simplifies cleanup and protects unused pieces.

Quick-install ¼-turn cam screws won’t over-torque or crack the fitting as metal screws


Accessories can help to finish strong. Ask your sales rep for Cover Guard and discover

easy-to-install solutions that leverage customer satisfaction on your next high-quality

install. Let Cover Guard help you cross the goal line. www.accoverguard.com

Contributed by Ken Lyons from AC Cover Guard