Micron 350 and Micron 675

RGF’s new HEPA filtration product line compliments existing air purification products to offer the ultimate indoor air quality solution.
Riviera Beach, Florida – RGF Environmental Group, Inc. adds yet another layer of indoor air quality technology with their Microcon® 350 and Microcon® 675 in-duct, whole home HEPA filters.
Microcon® 350 and 675 utilize an ultra-efficient 3-stage filtration process. In stage one, a washable foam pre-filter captures large particulate matter. Within the second stage HEPA filter efficiently traps smaller, harmful and irritating particulate matter such as pet dander, pollen and smoke. Finally, in the third stage, the activated carbon filter adsorbs toxic chemicals and VOCs.

A key feature of RGF’s new whole house HEPA system is the ability to use the existing buildings HVAC ductwork for its clean air distribution, while also having no performance impact on the existing HVAC heating or cooling unit. The side stream designed system utilizes its own internal pressure blower specifically sized to each model HEPA unit. In operation, a portion of return air is drawn through the Microcon® filters, then delivered back into the air supply using an efficient, whisper-quiet fan and motor. The result is measurable and truly clean, HEPA filtered air for the entire conditioned environment. The system filters are designed to be easy to access and also easy to change.