Rheem spent three years researching and developing its next-generation EcoNet® Smart Thermostat, which builds off the company’s extensive work in sensor technology that began in 2012.
In designing its new thermostat, Rheem’s mission was customer valued innovations and contractor service optimization. Rheem performed extensive research with contractor focus groups, homeowner surveys, training demonstrations, and field tests during product development. Unique to the category, the EcoNet Smart Thermostat is the only thermostat proven to control a home’s air conditioning, heating, and water heating appliances while managing 65 percent of the energy used in a typical home. Paired with Rheem’s patent-pending zoning technology, the thermostat maximizes energy efficiency, cost-savings and sustainability.
For HVAC contractors, the EcoNet Smart Thermostat streamlines installation, set-up and service by providing in-depth system diagnostics and automatic equipment configuration. Adding to convenience, the Thermostat’s advanced sensor technology actively monitors Rheem’s connected smart heating and cooling equipment simultaneously, giving end-users full control of system settings at the palm of their hand. The Thermostat’s maintenance reminders and diagnostic notifications paired with the technology’s real-time service alerts make Rheem’s EcoNet Smart Thermostat a formidable force for issues prevention and user peace of mind.

Furthermore, the ultra-thin programmable thermostat has five operating modes – Heat, Cool, Auto, Emergency Heat and Fan Only – along with a full-color glass capacitive touchscreen and is also equipped with features such as humidity control and hands-free voice control with Amazon’s Alexa. Additional features include built-in Wi-Fi and a six-day weather forecast. For optimal energy savings, Rheem’s EcoNet Smart Thermostat’s vacation scheduling allows users to program or adjust settings while away.

For more information, visit www.rheem.com.