YJ-SuperEvac PLUS II CMYK CR 5×4

SuperEvac™ PLUS II Brushless DC (BLDC) Vacuum Pumps


BLOOMINGTON, MN – Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc., the leader in service tools for HVAC/R and automotive professionals and manufacturer of YELLOW JACKET® products, is proud to introduce the next generation of SuperEvac™ Vacuum Pumps – the SuperEvac™ PLUS II. Designed for use with A2L systems, the integration of a brushless DC (BLDC) motor to drive the vacuum pump provides several technological advantages over AC motor driven vacuum pumps. While maintaining an ultimate vacuum of 15 microns and many of the other unique characteristics of the SuperEvac™ Vacuum Pump, the high torque BLDC motor in the SuperEvac™ PLUS II is more efficient and has a longer life.  Add the ability to start and operate in severe low voltage conditions and extreme temperatures, the service tech now has a premium vacuum pump that is ready every time. The BLDC motor is lighter weight than AC motor designs. Offered in 4, 6, 8 and 11 CFM models, the SuperEvac™ PLUS II has a 2-year warranty and is made in the USA.  Ritchie Engineering Company/YELLOW JACKET® continues to strengthen its position as the premier vacuum pump manufacturer in the HVAC/R market. For more details, visit https://yellowjacket.com/product/superevac-plus-ii-vacuum-pumps/.