Sparta, NJ – Testo takes the air flow/climate world by storm with the testo 440 air velocity & IAQ meter. The testo 440 combines a compact handheld measuring instrument with user-friendly menus and wireless probes for the versatile and convenient measurement of all air conditioning and ventilation parameters. This innovation combines everything that makes air velocity & IAQ measurement technology so successful — intuitive operation, precise measurement values and an extensive probe range — and expands on these advantages using the convenience of wireless connectivity.

More applications with less equipment 
The testo 440 probes are available for air velocity, temperature, humidity, turbulence, CO2, CO and light intensity. The wireless Bluetooth probes ensure more freedom of movement while taking measurements and save space in the measurement case. In addition to this, a probe handle can be universally combined with all corresponding probes and probe attachments. Customers have the choice between a universal handle in wireless or fixed-cable form. This allows you to switch, in seconds, from an indoor air quality measurement to a volume flow measurement at a vent.

Clear, reliable and secure 
The large display of the testo 440 shows up to 3 measurement values simultaneously. It also allows easy configuration of the measurements as well as a view of your results at a glance. The instruments memory can record up to 7500 measurement points.

Kits and model versions 
The testo 440 multi-function measuring instrument is available in two versions. There is the standard testo 440 and also the testo 440 dP model which has an additional, integrated differential pressure sensor. This makes measurements at filters as well as Pitot tube and k-factor measurements possible. Pre-configured kits consisting of measuring instruments, probes and accessories are available for the most important areas of application (incl. ducts, vents, indoor air quality and ventilation/air conditioning measurements in laboratories).

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