The next-generation testo 550i, testo 557, 550s Smart Digital Manifolds, and the testo 115i Temperature Smart Probe and testo 552i Vacuum Smart Probe all featuring Bluetooth.

Sparta, NJ – Further improving on its digital manifolds for the servicing and commissioning of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, Testo has introduced the next-generation of Smart Digital Manifolds.


The testo 550s and testo 557s Smart Digital Manifolds feature many new improvements including a larger screen for increased visibility, improved guided measurement menus which allow automatic determination of important parameters, and increased Bluetooth connectivity to the new testo Smart App allowing for a variety of temperature, pressure, and humidity measurements using testo Smart Probes.


The testo 550i Smart Digital Manifold is the first all-digital manifold. The testo 550i enables you to control your daily servicing and maintenance work on refrigeration, air conditioning systems, and heat pumps using the new testo Smart App on a smartphone or tablet. The smallest digital manifold on the market is equipped with a 2-way valve block and is compatible with a variety of testo Smart Probes for fast, detailed measurements.


The testo 552i Wireless Vacuum Probe expands the testo Smart Probes portfolio with the option of measuring vacuum wirelessly, fast, and with just one service port. For vacuum measurement, the testo 552i automatically connects with the testo 550s and testo 557s Smart Digital Manifolds, as well as with the testo 550i via the testo Smart App and provides alarms within the App in the case of critical values.


Using the new Testo Smart App, stored measurement programs guide you step by step through the configuration and measurements. With the integrated documentation functions, reports can be created on site, and digital measurement protocols, including photos, can be sent as PDF or CSV files directly by e-mail.


You can also set up customer data and measurement sites at the touch of a button, and synchronization with the free testo DataControl PC software is done via Wi-Fi.