Venstar Launches New Explorer-IAQ Wi-Fi Thermostats Featuring Air Patrol Indoor Air Quality Control





Air Patrol automatically monitors, measures and helps to control indoor air quality


CHATSWORTH, Calif.Venstar®, a leading thermostat and energy management systems supplier, today announced its new Explorer®-IAQ Wi-Fi® thermostats featuring a built-in indoor air quality sensor that continuously samples and measures the indoor air quality (IAQ). The Explorer’s Air Patrol® feature monitors the IAQ, and when the air quality falls to a selectable level, Explorer will circulate the air through the HVAC’s filtration system and assert an AUX output until the air reaches an acceptable level. Available in residential, commercial and specialty models, including a model designed just for the classroom, Venstar’s Explorer-IAQ thermostats give users control of their indoor air quality at home and at work.


“Indoor air quality has become essential to wellness. With the Explorer-IAQ thermostat’s Air Patrol feature working in the background, users gain confidence that their indoor air quality is continuously monitored and filtered. The user can be alerted to unhealthy air quality from the Explorer-IAQ thermostat remotely using Skyport Cloud Services or our free mobile app,” said Steve Dushane, president and CEO of Venstar.


The built-in IAQ Sensor and Air Patrol gives users the ability to:


  • Monitor indoor air quality using an incorporated sensor that measures air quality and provides detailed information on the IAQ level, which can be viewed on the website or mobile app
  • Set the IAQ level to circulate air through the HVAC’s filtration system
  • Remotely monitor and control indoor air quality level, including highs and lows for each day, using Skyport Cloud Services or Venstar’s free Skyport mobile app
  • Instantly view air quality on the thermostat display
  • Utilize an AUX output to control third-party devices when Air Patrol is active, such as Fresh Air Dampers, Ionizers, Plasma Air Cleaners and UV Lights


Air Patrol is available in Venstar’s new Explorer-IAQ residential and commercial models:


  • Explorer T3950-IAQ high-end residential model, featuring up to 4 Heat, 2 Cool
  • Explorer T4950-IAQ high-end commercial model, featuring up to 4 Heat, 2 Cool
  • Explorer T4975-IAQ high-end commercial model, featuring 2 Heat, 4 Cool
  • Explorer T4950SCH-IAQ high-end Classroom/School model, featuring 4 Heat, 2 Cool


Venstar’s new Explorer thermostats also feature:


  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and VenNet radios
  • Light level sensors, which ensure that HVAC units are only on when lights are activated, available in select models (T4950-IAQ, T4975-IAQ and T4950SCH-IAQ). They can also alert the user when lights are left on.
  • VenNet Wireless Remote Temperature/Humidity Sensor compatibility, giving users the ability to balance air temperatures across areas where there are not any thermostats
  • Built-in Humidity sensors, which allow users to control humidification, dehumidification and reheat
  • Security features, including setpoint limiting and keypad lockout to provide control over thermostat tampering, along with an optional lock ring
  • One-touch “Home” and “Away” buttons to instantly change thermostats to pre-set temperatures
  • Voice control using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Easy set-up with Venstar’s Configurator App
  • Open ADR 2.0B, California Title 24 and IECC 2015/2018 compliance
  • Local API for integration with smart home automation systems, including free drivers for Control4 and RTI
  • Compatibility with HVAC equipment from most major manufacturers


In addition, now available are Venstar’s new affordable Explorer thermostat models without Air Patrol, including:


  • Residential — Models T3700 and T3800
  • Commercial — Models T4700 T4800