Skyport Delivers Unprecedented HVAC Control, Reducing Energy Usage and Costs While Helping to Maintain Indoor Comfort


CHATSWORTH, Calif.Venstar® today announced that its Skyport® Cloud Services provides HVAC control to Berkeley Hall School, a prestigious 100+ year-old pre-K through grade 8 independent school in Los Angeles. Skyport controls the school’s HVAC units and related systems, including the school’s hydronic circulating pump system. The school also uses Venstar’s ColorTouch® and Explorer® Mini Wi-Fi® thermostats. Venstar’s Skyport delivers unprecedented HVAC control, reducing energy usage and costs while helping to maintain indoor comfort.


“With Venstar’s Skyport, I can manage the HVAC, lighting and more from my desk or iPad without the need to dispatch anyone,” said Chet Galland, director of Facilities for Berkeley Hall School. Galland is responsible for the management and maintenance of campus facilities encompassing 80,000 square feet of buildings across 66 acres.


“Venstar’s Skyport is an affordable alternative to large, expensive energy management systems for smaller organizations, including our school,” he added.


CHALLENGE: Remotely Manage HVAC Systems and More


Galland wanted to find thermostats that could be remotely managed using a system that would give him remote control of the school’s HVAC units. His goal was to manage and reduce energy usage and costs from his desktop computer or iPad®. He also wanted to be able to remotely control and set timers for the schools’ circulating pumps to ensure indoor comfort while managing energy usage during off-schedule events.


SOLUTION: Venstar Skyport Cloud Services


Galland chose Venstar’s ColorTouch and Explorer Mini thermostats, which are managed by Venstar’s free Skyport Cloud Services and mobile app.


Features include:


  • Remote control of HVAC via Skyport website or mobile device
  • Ability to set timers to turn on/off the hydronic circulating pump system
  • Utilization of Skyport as a remote timer switch for exterior lighting
  • Global changes feature across the entire system
  • Setpoint limiting to reduce tampering with thermostats


RESULTS: Greater Control of HVAC Units and Related Systems


Venstar’s Skyport Cloud Services provides control of HVAC units and related systems, including the school’s hydronic circulating pump system to help ensure indoor comfort.

Results include:


  • Flexibility to control HVAC at individual buildings or areas
  • Remote control of the school’s thermostats
  • Capability to nest schedules within the overall schedule
  • Ability to program fans based on occupied/unoccupied status
  • Global changes to save time versus manual changes
  • Global messaging to classrooms for announcements and reminders
  • Timer control of the hydronic circulating pump system
  • Ability to control and set on/off schedule for exterior lighting


Future uses include scheduling timers for exhaust fans, outdoor lighting and even security for perimeter door lockdown.



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