The conference titled Defying Gravity was held at The Brown Palace Hotel in Denver Colorado on September 19-21. The conference set a record for attendance and featured guest speakers, networking, great food and excursions

The Women in HVACR Annual Conference in Denver CO


Membership Chairs Danielle Putnam and Colleen Keyworth

Mentorship Chairs Karen DeSousa and Kristin Jordan

Record breaking attendance for the conference

Robin Armijo and Colleen Leppert

Sponsorship Chairs Lauren Roberts and Colleen Leppert

The Women in HVACR Opening Night Reception

The Women in HVACR Opening Reception

Adanna Le Gendre, Sarajane Scott, Jennifer Bryan, Marika Murray and Fina Vicari

Angie Snow presents Scholarship Winner Ryli Jetton her check for 2000

Candice Ensign, Larelyn Arriaga, Sarah Perez, Thomas Perez and Linda Rodriguez

Christina Each, Sally Beck, Joanne Hunt, Kimberly Merritt and Jackie Tutko

Colleen Keyworth, Sarah Jean Sagredo Hammond and Angela Garcia

Darcy DeVore, Mary Dickson and Marcia Christiansen

Emily Haney and Nicole Meier O’Neil

Erica Leonor, Alicia Dickinson and Tori Morrison

Guest Speaker Stacy Pederson

Helen Gray Buskirk, Lauren Dagostino, Lisa Bayne and Valerie Trone

Jennifer Pauley, Shannon Shull, Mary Alenbratt and Tori Morrison

Julie Decker and Leslie Glidea

Karly Rolls, Karen DeSousa and Mr. DeSousa

Keith and Kristin Jordan

Laurelyn Arriaga and Robin Armijo

Lauren Roberts presents Scholarship Winner Valerie Morrison her check for 2000

Lisa Bailey, President Mary Jo Gentry, Marjorie McAllister and Patti Ellingson

Lucile Cleonan, Valerie Trone, Lauren Dagostino and Helen Gray Buskirk

Sarah Orchard, Jill Dopp, Natalie Ortenburg and Kerry Darden

The Women in HVACR Annual Conference in Denver CO