by Gerry Wagner

Who is a GREE? Where is a GREE? This seemed like the perfect opportunity to answer some common questions we in the world of GREE get asked fairly often … at least those of us in the United States. So, what is a GREE? I have to admit, I myself have often wondered what is the meaning of the name GREE. Is it a word or a name? I went to two very qualified people to find the answer … Becky Xu is the GREE Regional Sales Manager for North America and is based in Zhuhai, China at GREE’s corporate headquarters. Becky tells me that “the GREE word comes from Green, we want to bring green life to the world. Also, GREE means Great and we bring people great air conditioner products.” I like that … I also asked Yuwen Huang, presently, Yuwen is the Global Business Development Manager for UL in Chicago, but I worked with Yuwen for the past five years and prior to that, Yuwen worked for GREE in China. Yuwen tells me the word GREE in Mandarin translates to, “extremely powerful”. I like that too … The dual sentiment of a gentler, “green” environment yet with a “powerful” force pushing that narrative forward is exactly what the world of HVAC needs right now…what the world as a whole needs right now! Next, who is a GREE? The following comes from GREE’s own LinkedIn profile … The company has its headquarters in Zhuhai, a beautiful coastal city in the south of China, with over 80,000 employees. GREE has established 11 production bases around the world, 9 are located in China, with another 2 in Brazil and Pakistan. GREE products are sold widely in more than 160 countries and regions, to more than 300 million users all across the world.
I have had the honor of visiting my friends at GREE in Zhuhai, China and I can tell you first hand, that GREE is made up of people who care…not only about the product they produce but also the people who install and service them and ultimately, the end user as well.
I have been told that I have become the face of GREE here in the U.S. I’m flattered by the statement, but if there is one person who truly personifies the spirit of GREE, it is GREE’s Chairwoman, Dong Mingzhu.
In 1990, at age 36, recently widowed, Dong left her three-year-old son to his grandmother and quit her job at the government research facility in order to move to the more economically developed Shenzhen in Guangdong province and to find a new job. She soon moved again to Zhuhai. She joined GREE in 1990, just one year after its inception, as a salesperson. By 2001 she was company president and in 2012 she was named company chairwoman…that is a meteoric ascent by any standard!
I had the honor of meeting Madame Dong when I was In Zhuhai the summer of 2018. Henry Ford was before my time, so was Willis Carrier…Madame Dong is in that league of visionary and entrepreneur and I have to admit I was a bit star-struck!
During her tenure, Madame Dong developed GREE Electric into the world’s largest household air conditioning manufacturer, and China’s largest household appliance maker. GREE Electric’s company stock has risen 2300% during her tenure. Under her leadership, GREE Electric developed solar energy, China’s smartphone market, robotic technology, recycled treatment centers nationwide, and acquired electric car maker, Yinlong in March 2016.
Here in the United States, Tradewinds Climate Systems has taken GREE to #4 in the inverter mini split marketplace with 12% of the US market now owned (earned) by GREE!
Lastly, where is a GREE?
Well, as I mentioned earlier, GREE is headquartered, and the product is produced in Zhuhai, China. Here in the United States, Tradewinds Climate Systems has distribution centers on both coasts with factory employed salespeople and a network of independent manufacturer’s representatives, dealers and distributors covering 50 states and beyond!
I have been a part of this global GREE network for the past five years and hope to continue for many years to come. It’s a privilege to be a part of something that is globally recognized as groundbreaking, game changing and market leading…and to have it still keep a level of service and quality usually reserved for small, boutique type companies, well, that is what GREE is!
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gerry Wagner is the Vice President of HVAC Technical Training for Tradewinds Climate Systems. He has 38 years in the HVACR industry working in manufacturing, contracting and now training. You can contact Gerry by email: and also please visit our website: